Guides How to Wear a Boot Knife

How to Wear a Boot Knife

Wondering how to wear a boot knife? You are in the right place. We’re going to take you through everything you need to know about boot knives and how to wear them. We’ll also cover some necessary safety precautions you should take to protect yourself, your clothing, and the blade.

Simply put, a boot knife is a knife that’s carried in a boot. While some boot knives can be pocket knives that are concealed inside of boots, there are also boot knives that can be holstered to the side of a boot. A boot knife is a viable tool for self-defense, labor work, and other tasks that require a knife. That said, wearing a boot knife properly is essential for safety. Using a boot knife wrong can harm your foot/leg, damage the knife, and even tear the boot.

Read on to learn more about how to wear a boot knife.


What Is a Boot Knife

A boot knife is a type of fixed blade knife that’s made specifically for boots. These knives vary in size but typically have blades that are 3 to 9 inches.

Boot knives also typically come with straps that allow wearers to attach them to the boot. That said, boot knives can also be any knife that’s concealed inside or outside of a boot. In fact, you can even use a pocket knife as a boot knife if you have the appropriate straps.


Should You Wear a Boot Knife?

Boot knives are commonly worn by people who need a backup weapon, concealed weapon, or accessible tool. Common uses of boot knives include fishing, hunting, police work, military work, and even construction work.

If you plan on going camping or doing work in these industries it’s a good idea to carry a boot knife.

It is better to have one and not need it, than to need one, and not have it.

Furthermore, boot knives can be used as self-defense tools. They make great self-defense weapons because they’re small, easy to use, and easy to hide.

Plus, if the knife is in your boot you don’t have to remember to take it with you each time you leave your home.


Wearing a Boot Knife

How you wear a boot knife depends on a few factors.

These include:

  • Size of the knife
  • Type of the knife
  • Where you’ll be holstering the boot knife

The common places to holster a boot knife include inside the boot, outside the boot, inside a pocket within the boot, and under the laces of a boot.


In the Boot 

First and foremost, you can wear a boot knife inside of your boot. You can do so with or without a strap but we always recommend using a strap to secure the knife. If the knife is loose in your boot, it can lead to problems and injuries. Plus, it’ll be hard to grab the knife quickly if you need to.

The good news is that most knives designed for boots come with a strap that you can use to secure it in place. Still, you can always store a pocket knife in your boot as long as you make the boot tight enough to hold the knife in place.

Strapped to the Boot 

Another way to wear a boot knife is to strap it to the outside of your boot. This method requires a boot knife strap or a strap designed for pocket knives.

That said, the type of strap you need depends on the pocket knife you’re using. You should only wear boot knives outside the boot if you’re not interested in concealing it. This is because the knife will be in the open unless you’re wearing pants that cover the leg.

Inside a Boot Pocket 

Some boots come with pockets. If you have a knife that fits in the pocket, you can store a boot knife inside of it. Note that not all boots come with pockets and you’ll need to find a pair of boots that has one.

You also need to make note of the size of the pocket. If the pocket is too big or too small the knife won’t fit properly. Still, boot knives stored inside boot pockets are secure and easy to access.

Within the Boot Laces 

You can also store a boot knife underneath the laces. If the laces are tight enough, you can secure any knife that you want under them; of course, we recommend having a knife in a sheath to prevent injuries.

There are also specific boot knife holsters that have holes in the sides. You can run the laces through the holes, secure the holster under the laces, and store the boot knife there. 

Different Boot Knife Blades 

If you plan to wear a boot knife, it’s important to understand the difference between boot knife blades.

There are two common types of boot knife blades:

  1. Fixed blades
  2. Folding blades

Folding boot knife blades are boot knives that fold. The blade folds into the handle, which prevents it from being exposed. While folding blades are typically safer than fixed blades, they’re bulky and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, there are fixed boot knife blades. Fixed boot knife blades have blades that are fixed in place. This makes them easier to draw if you need them quickly (for self-defense) and they’re typically thinner than folding boot knife blades.

How Knife Blade Size Plays a Role 

The size of a boot knife plays a role in how comfortable the knife is in your boot and how practical it is. Typically, boot knives vary in size between 3 and 9 inches.

When wearing a boot knife, you should make sure the blade doesn’t stick out of the top of the boot and that you can grab it quickly if it falls in the boot. Moreover, make sure the knife fits the boot properly so that it doesn’t cause discomfort when you’re walking.

To ensure you have the right size, we recommend measuring your boot before using a knife blade.

Keep It Holstered 

People have been wearing boot knives for centuries. They act as great concealed weapons and have viable labor uses, especially for people who bend down to use a knife. Plus, a boot knife is a great tool to have if you’re hunting, camping, or even fishing. Still, learning how to wear one properly can be the difference between a viable tool and a self-harming weapon. 

So, stay safe and holster your boot knives properly!

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